With ZCM 11SP2 Server and Windows 7 SP1 workstations, we are periodically getting the "ZESUser has stopped working" dialog box displayed on the desktop. The ZAA agent icon is no longer visible at this point. Most machines work correctly. Once I get this, I end up re-imaging the workstation to resolve.

If you click Close the program (the only option), it closes and then comes right back again.
If you reboot the machine, it comes up right away making it difficult to diagnose further.

Before getting to this state, the ZAA was working fine. Once in this state, the 'zac' command generates a long error message starting with "UnableToCommunicateUnknwonError Exception: ..." A bit later in the log, "Culture 'en' is a neutral culture." Overall, the message back isn't helpful.

Has anyone else experienced this?