Not sure if anyone has had issue with this or if there is a fix. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I'm using the lastest FTF for 8.0.2 sp3 on Windows 7. I have in the contact lists, I've opened the details of a contact, created several user defined fields under Advanced. In a few of the contact lists created, I've set the view to details instead of contact card so that I can sort by column and by the specific attributes I've created. Was fine for the past while until yesterday I created a new user defined field. When I added that new field as a column in the contact list, it appears just fine. As soon as the client does a send/retrieve or I manual initiate such, the said column is blown away. Its still in the details under advanced and usable I just can't make it stay as a column. If I add it back or two my custom fields, on send/retrieve they are all either blown away from the view again or on occasion, it changes them to another available column all together. What a pain! I tried uninstalling GW and reinstalling, even using the GWClean util to clean up, but no go.

This only occurs in caching and remote mode, online works just fine. Also tried to add the column in online mode, then sync the contact list switch to caching, again it blows them away.