we are using ZCM 11.1.0.
On a satelitte-server i want to use Imaging.
everthing fpor Imaging is installed.

i'm able to boot with PXE.

After a while the Proxy DHCP Services stopps.
I have have restartet the service.
It's working again fpor an hour or two.
Then the service stops again.

There are not entrys in mit W2K8 Server logs.

The Proxy-Log:

Novell Proxy DHCP service v11.1.0
PXE Boot Services
Copyright Novell, Inc. 2003-2010 All rights Reserved
Configuration file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\conf\preboot\novell-proxydhcp.conf
Using interface:
Policy engine address:
Boot server menu timeout: 2
DHCP service on same server: NO
X86 NBP: nvlnbp.sys
Logging level: 2
fresult value 1
Received packet on
Received packet on
Received packet on
fresult value 1

What can i do??

Best reguards