ZCM 11.2 appliance (sole Primary). There is a satellite located across the WAN at my other office. It is still at 10.3. Just completed upgrading from ZCM 10.3 appliance to 11.2 appliance. I can remote control any PC on my LAN. But if I attempt to remote a device across the WAN, I get an error: "Rights Authentication failed. The managed device was unable to contact the ZENworks server." I tried this too many times with my satellite and now it gives me this error: "The managed device is blocked from accepting Remote Management requests since the number of consecutive unsuccessful attempts exceeded the configured limit." The only cause I have seen listed for this is time not in sync. But I believe I have everything in sync. Any suggestions for how to fix this?


PS. nntp access to the forums appears to be down. I had to use the web interface to post this.