Imaging is still dead.
So running out of things to try. The imaging engine in the PXEMENU reports 11.2.0 and works either on PXE boot or CD boot.
Built a new image (including chkdsk) with the tntfs driver. Images up OK and comes down in 12 min (Windows XPSP3 bare). On reboot just the flashing cursor.

After selecting "Imaging maintenance" I do the ALT F3 and ALT F4 which gives me two different text screens. One I think is hardware and one software.

Software exert below

loading tftp://150.x.x.x/boot/settings.txt -> /settings.txt
loading tftp://150.x.x.x/boot/config -> /download/file_0000
error 68: TFTP: File not found
loading tftp://150.x.x.x/boot/root -> /download/file_0001

I'm hoping that the error is reporting on file_0000 only. The settings.txt file just has the default and IP of the imaging server. Also tried it with the

pushd /modules
tftp $PROXYADDR -m binary -c get /tntfs.ko

The imaging engine in the PXEMENU reports 11.2.0

Shaun sent a directly listing on a previous post of files in the tftp directories. My versions(sizes) are the same but I'm missing a few of them.

So I guess the question is, is there a way to reinstall the 11.2 imaging engine/files?