Existing GroupWise 8.02hp3 (all agents and monitor w/ messenger w/ GWAVA) on
physical server running 32-bit OES2sp2. There is a single domain (only 65
users), single PO, single GWIA and single WebAccess.

I also have a BES server (5.0.1) as a VM, and mobility sync server running
on a physical machine (but planning to virtualize it as well).


I would like to run everything virtualized (though that isn’t the thrust
of the problem) GroupWise 2012 on a VMware virtual machine running 64-bit
OES11 with GWAVA running on a separate virtual appliance.

Here is what I think I need to do:

1. Install the OES 11 server (as a VM).
2. Migrate GW 8 to the new OES 11 server. (The migration utility, does it
work for Linux to Linux migration?)
3. Make sure things for the BES and mobility sync server are running
correctly (setting changes, etc.).
4. Install GWAVA 6 appliance and get it functioning correctly
5. Upgrade to GW 2012.

This is a simplified outline, but have I got it anywhere close to right?
What changes do I need to make in this plan? What "gotchas" do I need to
look out for? Should I consider separating out any of the GW functions onto
other VM’s (for potential growth) or keep it all together?