Step by Step:
00) in the GW windows client:
01) userA create personal addressbook "testbook"
02) userA add 2 conacts to the "testbook"
contact-1: userVVVV FirstNameVVV LastNameVVVV 0050
contact-2: userXXXX FirstNameXXX LastNameXXXX 0051
03) userA share this book ("testbook") with userB
04) userB Accept this book ( from the GW windows client)
05) userB can open contact-1 and contact-2 and read fileds.
This is OK !
07) userB login in to the
https://gwserver as "userB"
08) userB in the https://gwserver select "Contacts" and select sharedbook "testbook"
09) userB in the right side see:
userVVVV 0050
userYYYY 0051
This is OK !
10) userB (from the https://gwserver) open contact: "userVVVV" and see:

First Name: EMPT
Middle Name: EMPT
Display Name: EMPT
and all other fields EMPT !!!