Hi all, new forum member, first post. I'm a state employee who's been using Groupwise for going on 15 years. I've lost the ability to get Groupwise to access an archive that went back to early 2009 and can't figure out how to get Groupwise to recognize it and show those emails in my Groupwise archive.

I've found what I think is the archive file I want at C:\Users\Lepstein\Groupwise Archive\oftd2arc. It contains over 400 items, named things like 4116757, plus another folder labeled oftd2arc. That file contains two database documents labeled ngwguard and user, plus a folder called 'index' containing Quickfinder documents labeled 4fa7b709 and 4fa7b95a9.

Anyhow, I'm stumped as to why this doesn't work. If there is a FAQ or other email string explaining this please let me know. If it sounds like some kind of a bug I guess I could give up on this, but these are important historical records for me.