I have a virtual server with VMware ESXi 5 running SLES11 sp1, OES11 and GroupWise 12.
The GroupWise system have one domain and one post office with several users.
The users can access the mailbox with the GroupWise Windows Client, but when they try to login in the GroupWise Webaccess, they get the following error: "[9505] Your post office is unavailable. The Post Office Agent might not be configured for SOAP. Please contact your system administrator".

1.- The post office agent have the SOAP option turned on.
2.- I check the java environment variables and they are pointing to the right directory.
3.- The Linux Firewall is turned off.
4.- rcapache2 start and rctomcat6 start donīt show errors.
5.- I check the webacc.cfg file and all IPīs address and ports (POA & DVA) are fine.

Any help, comment or suggestion will be welcome.

Thanks in advance.