I have a strange situation that I have been trying to figure out for a
while now. Hopefully you can help me out on this one.

I have three users. We'll call them User1, User2, and User3. We have a
common EmailUser that they proxy into to manage their collective
calendar. When User1 proxies into the EmailUser and sends an appointment
to a client, the client receives it, accepts it, and it shows up on the
client's calendar. However, when User2 and User3 do the same thing, the
client receives the appointment, they accept it, but it does not show up
on the client's calendar. I have had them all try using different
computers and the results are always the same. I have tried reseting the
proxy permissions for User2 and User3 with no change. User1 has been
around for 5+ years while User2 and User3 have only been around for a
year or so. I can't find anything else different.

GW Client/Agent 8.0.2 HP3
XP SP3 or Win 7 computers

Any ideas? Thank you for your time.