I have several users using iFolder (the latest client) on Win 7 Pro 64 bit. Each user is experiencing multiple problems on a regular basis such as:

Failing to load the client first time often taking 4 or 5 attempts to launch
Web service not started error
Simias directory error
incomplete sync issues within iFolder

On all the machines I have performed the following several times over:

renamed Simias directory
stopped all firewall services and AV
re-created iFolder folders to which the iFolder shares download too
removed completely the software (and all registry entries) and re-installed

I simply do not know what else I can do, often the service will run fine for several days but its will fail for no reason usually with one of the above errors. Re-installing is not an option as this only fixes temporarily and causes alot of downtime.

Is there an known issue with iFolder 3.8/3.9 and Windows 64 bit. I have been reliably informed that the client we are using is the 64 bit client.

This was never a issue when the users were on 32bit XP

Please advise?