GroupWise 8.0.2hp2
NetWare 6.5sp8

We extensively use routing slips, with a couple small attachments
(typically less than 1 MB total) with the original sender including
themselves as the last recipient in the route. This is used for expense
reports, absentee requests, etc.

For several months, I have had a couple users continuously experience
slow access to routing slips with attachments. The slow access involves
30+ seconds to open a routing slip message.

I found that if I create a routing slip with no attachments, and route
it to one of the effected users and back to myself, they can open and
complete the routing slip with no slowdowns.

If I create a routing slip with an attachment (number or size doesn't
seem to matter), and route it to one of these users and back to myself,
the effected user will experience a 30 second or more delay when trying
to open the message to mark it completed. If they mark it completed,
they can then close and reopen the message without any slowdown. If
they leave it uncompleted (i.e. - open it, then close it without
completing it), the user still experiences the same 30+ second delay
whenever opening it, until they finally mark it completed, at which
point it opens without any delay.

So it appears that the long delay only occurs when opening an
uncompleted routing slip that has an attachment. If it has no
attachment, or has been completed, there is no slow down when opening
the message.

I also tested by creating a routing slip from an uneffected user's
workstation, including an effect user in the route, then logging into
GroupWise as that effected user on that uneffected user's workstation.
I found that I can open the routing slip with no delay in this case, so
the problem is due to some issue with the effected user's workstation.
Unfortunately doing an uninstall/clean-up/reinstall does not fix the

This only affects a couple users (5 users out of about 60). One of the
users is on Windows 7 (64-bit), while the others are on Windows XP.

Is there some known issue (Windows patch, MAPI issue, server name
resolution, user rights, etc.) that could cause this? Any other
troubleshooting suggestions short of rebuilding the workstation?