Is there a way to allow an individual product to be covered by the suite license counting in ZAM?

Case: Workstation has Office 2010 standard installed and licensed. user needs to use an old Access 2003 file, We have virtualized Access 2003 from the Office 2003 Pro suite. we have available licenses from the Suite, but ZAM counts the discovered Access 2003 as standalone product and not part of the suite and therefore shows out of compliance.

Also, I have noticed if you copy the installation source locally to a workstation, ZAM then counts those as standalone products in need of licensing even though the suite is installed and licensed on the workstation. Any way to take care of that situation as well? Can not just ignore those standalone discoveries as they may fall under the Access 2003 situation above. And if I merge the standalone into the Suite, then it counts both of them against suite license even though they are on the same workstation.

Thank you,