We have 3.8.0 running on OES2 64 bit.

Our clients are on WinXP SP3.

The servers are NOT 3.8.4 due to our standard browser being Internet Explorer 7. The Novell documentation says IE8 is the "supported" browser for 3.8.4
Our servers do use SSL except for administration (i.e. the clients don't SSL). Traffic is internal only and SSL stops our WAN optimisation from working.

We have found that new files uploaded via the web interface never sync to the desktop clients.

The files are visible and have the correct content when you re-open them from the web interface.

The desktop client believes it has completed syncing without any errors but the files never get downloaded from the server.

POSSIBLY related to this is that the ifolder reports into the ifolder-reports folder stopped working when the server was run out disk space a couple of months back. iFolder reports to disk work fine.
I have tried changing the report options to disk and back to ifolder, tried removing the reports ifolder etc to no avail.

So my questions are:

Q1. Any ideas on whether 3.8.4 backend works with Internet Explorer 7 ?
Q2. Does 3.8.4 backend allow us to run with SSL for client connections still ?

Q3. Any ideas how I can fix the web interface / desktop client inconsistency ?
Q4. Any ideas on how to get the reports ifolder working again ?