Hi all,

currently I have a crashed GW12 OES2 server here. A hdd recovery program rescued afaik all gw-related things. Now I have to get a copy of it running on the new machine. It is setup with the same name and ip address. The eDirectory GW-objects were not destroyed.

What I did is copying the groupwise directory to the new server. The groupwise directory contains all po, domain, software and ssl files. There I installed the whole GW12 suite from scratch, but without configuring it. I thought copying the groupwise directory will be enough. Now, po and domain are fine up, but I have problems with webaccess and the gwia. I tried reconfiguring webaccess (and apache) with the supplied tool in GW12, but that didn't help. Starting gwia manually is not possible too. It just quits after starting up. No way to see any error and the logs /var/log/novell/groupwise have no entry regarding gwia.

Another thing is that it all looks a bit fiddled. rcgrpwise status shows me nothing and rcgrpwise start and stop also show me no details about the agents ...

So my questions are now:
How can I get WebAccess online again?
How can I get GWIA online again?
How can I get the rcgrpwise working again?
How can I get it all starting on startup again?

Big Thank you!