I'm currently running an evaluation copy of ZCM 11.2, trying to get a
feel for the Zenworks Patch Management product. I have a couple of
questions/problems that I hope can be answered here.

First, there seems to be quite a lot of trouble getting patches to
cache. The process just stops in the middle of a patch and hangs until
I reboot the zcm server. I've seen references to some ftf patches that
help - is this a common problem that's helped by the ftf?

Second, the number of vendors for which patches are available seems
quite limited. Most of the commonly attacked ones are there, Microsoft,
Adobe, etc., but many more are not. Google, for example is not listed.
Some patching products have many more vendors in their database. Does
Lumension/Novell have any strategy to expand this list?

Lastly, the available patches for each vendor are often very out of
date. For Sun (should be Oracle), JRE 1.7 is available, and 1.6.31, but
not 1.6.32. 1.6.31 is a really bad version - it was a vulnerability in
it that started us looking at patch management products in the first
place! The Citrix list has the 12.0 client, but no Citrix Receiver,
which is their current client..

There's a lot of really good features in ZPM, but the problems I've
experienced so far has made me a bit wary.

Phillip E. Thomas