I have an ongoing issue with about a dozen systems that I will still have around for about another year that it would really be nice to have a resolution instead of having to manually update patches for these systems.

When I push a patch bundle to one of these certain systems, I can watch in the Progress window that the patches get downloaded by the systems, but as soon as the ZenWindowsDaemon.exe launches under the DAU... user the bundle fails.

Back in the day when I originally created these systems it was my first batch of computers being imaged with ZCM and I found out the hard way about having the agent attached and active before doing a sysprep. All of the computers that I did with that initial batch appeared under the same GUID in the Zen console, and I had to manually run the scripts on them to get new GUIDs. Ever since then patch management never worked for these systems. Over time I corrected the error of the base image and have slowly reimaged the systems as staffing changes made the computers available, but I still have about a dozen that I can't get access to in order to fix, and they are the only ones remaining in my patch management list that show as needing updates.

Where are the log files to check or to turn on debug mode so that I can try to figure out why this doesn't like to work on these systems? Thanks!