Running 11.2, and trying to use IE8 and/or IE9 on Win 7 x64 for remote control.
On some of the administrators machines, when trying to remote control the link for installing the remote control viewer never goes away.
Installation of the viewer works fine.

Read in the manuals that it can help disabling UAC.
Did help on one machine, but not on the others.
Tried Trusted sites, enabling all ActiveX-stuff in settings but nothing seems to work.

Tried on a clean Win7, and there, first time after installing remote control viewer, I get a question about allowing the viewer, and after that it works.
But that question never comes up on most of the machines. The link for installing is just still there...

And now with FireFox 12, that will not work either (can start another tread on that).

Anyone has an idea on getting it to work in IE8/9?