I have seen the threads "Patchlilnk CAB files at the root of C drive", "Failed to download subscription", and
and "New patches not updating" but haven't seen any resolution to any of them. We are experiencing the same issues, it seems.

Our ZCM config is ver. 11.2 on Win2k8R2 and MS SQL Server 2k8R2.

Since a couple of weeks (or more?) Patch Management always returns "false" under "Subscription Service History" in ZCC:

Type Status Start Date End Date Duration Successful Error Detail (if any)

Patches Complete 6/6/12 1:00 AM 6/6/12 1:16 AM 00:15:59 false Failed to download subscription

There are two other symptoms as well:

* Up to a dozen or so PatchLink CAB files always show up in the root of the C: drive on the first primary server. If we stop the Zen services, delete them and reboot the server new CAB files appear after the next subscription update.

* The recalculation of patched and non-patched devices only seems to work partially under "Patch Management" in ZCC - we have devices that definitely would be candidates for some of the newest patches, for instance "Apple QuickTime 7.7.2 Player for Windows (Full/Upgrade)" from May 15, but both the "Patched" and "Not Patched" columns return "0" - the patch shows up in the list only if we check "Non Applicable" as well. On the other hand, "MS12-034 Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB2636927)" from May 22 does have both "Patched" and "Not Patched" non-zero numbers...

Any ideas?