The 'current' migration tool doesn't work (by current it's the migration tool from GW 7 SP1) - initially I had tested a migration from Exchange to GW 8 and it seemd to mostly work ok (enough for what I needed anyway). During my various stages of testing, GW 2012 had been released so I had opted to go straight to 2012 instead of moving the users from Exchange to GW 8, then to 2012. Now the tool doesn't seem to work correctly (it tells me that the domain directory I'm pointing to doesn't have a post office - which it does).

Is there any way to get this 'issue' resolved? I'm working this for a school and was hoping to have them moved by now, but I've been fighting this for a while - I need to migrate the mail and contacts. At one point I had considered just using IMAP to pull the mail over, but that means I have to pull them over one account at a time. Anyone else had this issue or am I a 'lone wolf' moving off of Exchange to GW?

Mark Patchett -ASE, MCSE, CNE, CLA