I have been doing a task between my regular tasks and that was installation of GW2012. I have managed that sometime back, thanks to a very detailed help from View Profile: laurabuckley - Novell - NetIQ - SUSE

Now I am back after a gap and I am stuck with my installation of Webaccess of groupwise (groupwise installation is done and I see my tree etc on ConsoleOne). The problem here being that I have had troubles with installating Apache and Tomcat servers (I finally managed to install apache2 via YaST and since I could not find tomcat there, I have installed tomcat6 and I see both up and running), and groupwise webaccess installs, but when I try to configure it complains of tomcat6 missing. It asks me if I want to install. If I click No, the installation obviously exits, but if I say 'yes', everything gets frozen (it gives error -25..something missing?)and I have to close the PuTTY itself. I have been looking around whenever I am working on this for a solution to solve this issue, but am yet to sort it out. (I must also point out that the third requirement as per the documentation for installing webaccess is that I have to have modproxy. I am not sure if this is there or how to check it either. I did not find anything related to this in YaST.

Note that the above might be very trivial for a regular SLES/linux guru, but its a new environment for me as my regular tasks involve some other OS and programming language and hence there might be something which I am not aware of.

Thanks in advance..