Last weekend I finished off the upgrade of our Primary Domain and Post Offices to GW2012 (OES11) from GW8 (NW8). The MTA and 4 remote site post offices had been done prior and had mostly been working fine - segfault issue with one PO. The final 3 (and largest) post offices were done over the weekend. The MTA and these three post offices are clustered on VMWare 4.1. The remote sites are on physical servers. All are OES11 using NSS for the GroupWise volume.

Prior to the post offices being moved, the MTA had not skipped a beat and the two cluster servers behaved. Once the PO's were loaded there have constant lock ups/crashes and subsequent DB corruptions. This occurs after the POA's are loaded for the two largest PO's. Using TOP I noticed that the load average would creep up and up until the whole system had a heart attack.

I am only just learning to use Linux, so my investigation skills are fairly limited, though I was able to figure out it has something to do with the quickfinder indexing. Once I turned it off, the load average has stayed down and the post offices seem stable for the moment.

I was thinking of doing a top down rebuild and unless i'm given a very good reason why not too, i'm going to leave the quickfinder indexing off until the school holidays when I can investigate further.

I suppose what I'm asking is what more do you suggest I can do to stabilise the system? What should I do regarding the quickfinder indexing?

A few other issues we've noted that we hope someone might be able to shed some lights on
* Many staff members have been unable to access their mailbox as their password seems to have been deleted/reset.
* One post offices http monitor does not have many of the hyperlinks for settings? I.E: if I go to MTP Status, neither Send or Recieve can be clicked on to change the address
* Web Access (GW 8 Secondary domain) has started maxing out it's C/S settings and needs to be bounced. This has never been an issue until Tuesday (Monday was a public holiday - long live the Queen)

Thanks is advance for any help