I'm having trouble imaging with the Realtek 8111B/8111C NIC on the Intel DG31PR and DG41RQ boards. All our other machines PXE boot and image perfectly so I know it's an issue with these particular boards. They used to PXE boot and image fine in our old Zenworks 7 environment. Now that we're running ZCM 11.2 they will only randomly boot into the imaging menu when pressing "ctrl+alt". They see the preboot server and pick up a dhcp address perfectly. However, when they get to the contacting Novel PreBoot policies, they take a long time before they eventually say "Done" and then exit PXE and boot into the OS. About 1 out of every 10 tries will boot correctly into the imaging menu. I have tried using the newest BIOS release for both boards and I've also applied the newest June 2012 PRU to the ZCM imaging server, both with no luck.

Is this a known issue that will be addressed in a patch?