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Thread: GroupWise 2012 - SP1 When?

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    GroupWise 2012 - SP1 When?

    Is there any likelihood of a service pack for GroupWise 2012 in the near future. There are several outstanding issues that remain 6 months after the release with no sign of patches.

    While I am sure that there are several others, issues that directly impact my user-base include:

    • New feature attachment indexing does not work. Attachment indexing produces tens of thousands of indexing errors regardless of whether you use DCA or DVA. I have to have it turned off completely.
    • WebAccess users are able to login with a blank password.
    • dbcopy is unable to copy from Linux hosted GroupWise to Microsoft/SMB shares though it seems to be able to go in the other direction without issue.
    • IMAP is incredibly flaky and will cause folders to "disappear" from the IMAP client's view if the folder is altered, sorted or just about whenever it feels like it.
    • Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack requires its own dedicated Apache server. Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack interface is crude and buggy.

    Not yet a show stopper... Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack relies on Microsoft's ActiveSync. The use of this protocol was discontinued by Microsoft beginning with Exchange 2010 in favor of Exchange Web Service(EWS). This means that the clients(mobile devices) that have used ActiveSync will start shifting to EWS. At that point the phones will not be able to connect to GroupWise, again. See OS X mail.app See IMAP issues above.

    EWS needs to be added soon.
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