I'm trying to figure out how to get a PXE-booted machine automatically select a PXE config file for downloading a kernel/image config, and bypass the ZCM menu I normally have.

As I understand it, as outlined here, I should be able to defined a file under (tftroot)/pxelinux.cfg/ma-ac-ad-dr-es file to specify the boot parameters for the machine with that mac address (and can also create unique pxeboot files at each subnet), then default to a default file containing the default boot menu.

ZCM PXE is currently configured to read (tftproot)/pxelinux.txt, that with a CTRL+ALT key at boot, open that menu.

I (think) understand that pxelinux.0 is to PXE boot loader, and is unique to ZCM? Do I have the ability to boot a machine with unique boot definition according to it's MAC address?