I am working a project to move and existing GroupWise 7.4 system into a new tree while also upgrading to 2012 in one step. I have a question concerning the grafting process. My goal is to leave the existing production server up and running, copy the domain and po over to new server in new tree and test the new 2012 agents and load new GWIA and Webaccess in new tree to replace old agents.

My question is about the graft process. I have already done the first dbcopy of the po and primary domain. I would like to move the secondary domain that holds the GWIA. If I run the graft of the secondary GWIA domain, and then do NOT authenticate to the old production tree, will that prevent the new 2012 agents from attempting to contact the original production agents in old tree? Or would I need to separate the new servers off of the production network to ensure that does not happen?