I repacking the Groupwise Client 8.0.2 HotPatch2 and 8.0.2 HotPatch3 into a MSI using AdminStudio Repackager so I could push via ZCM 11.

I used 2 clean Windows 7 machines to repackaged the Groupwise Client Installer. A machine has Win 7 32 bits and the other has Win 7 64 bits, respectively.

No error during repackaging.

Both MSI bundles are distributed and installed it via ZCM 11 without problems in the stations Win 7 32 bits and Win 7 64 bits, and the GroupWise client works fine.

However, after I removed the GroupWise client through Control Panel -> Unistall Programs and I try to reinstall the GroupWise Client via ZCM11, the
groupwise.msi cannot be install and receives the error "Groupwise is not properly installed. The Groupwise components cannot be initialized".

I have removed from the Windows Registry all things related to GroupWise, but the problem still.

This does not it occur when te GroupWise Client was installed with Win32\setup.exe. I can install, remove a reinstall the client any time without problems...

Any one encounter this before?

Thanks in advance.