Trying to upgrade a gw7 domain & PO to gw2012, plus move it to a
different server in the same process.

Copied the domain & po files to the new box, followed Danita's upgrade
guide for MTA / POA on the same server, changed the location & network
address for domain, MTA, post office, and POA.

When I launched the 2012 MTA the first time against the gw7 domain
database, I saw it go into recovery mode, then back to normal, then

Kicker is, with gw2012 snapins in my consoleone (1.3.6h) on my
workstation, I cannot get the primary domain to show as v2012, or
whatever, it just says it's v7.

I think this is keeping my post office link from getting replicated
around, as it keeps showing as closed, w/ the MTP using the old server