Hmm - don't know where to start, it's all getting too much (enough wallowing in self pity)

After weeks of constant issues as listed here, we decided last week to move the newly upgraded GroupWise system of the VM cluster to an older, standalone machine, connected to our SAN (EVA4400). We've setup the machine and provisioned the storage, but now I'm having constant issues trying to get the data off the VM GroupWise system.

First of all I tried ncpmount from the standalone OES11 server to the clustered VM OES11 server. DBCopy started OK, but would just stall after a short amount of time, approximately 20 minutes. I tried searching for answers on that, but came up blank. Completely by accident I found that the problem seemed to be with ncpmount - I did the ncpmount command and then got distracted by something else, when I came back to the mount point to start the DBCopy 20 minutes or so later, I could no longer do a file listing. I had to terminate the Putty session to get out. Then reboot the destination machine to get rid of the mount point.

At that point I thought i'd try doing the DBCopy from my WinXP desktop using two mapped drives instead. Over the weekend this seemed to work OK (using dbcopy /w /m /p /f <source> <destination>), the copy ran for a good 14 hours or so over night without missing a beat, until users started accessing the system again on Sunday, then the copy failed with 8200 errors.

What I am noticing is that on the source server (NCS clustered VM OES11 server), ndsd is running at 100% + CPU usage, and this is when the copy fails. I cannot figure out why it would be doing this, or even where to look for the problem. I tried restarting ndsd, and though it shut down OK (and the CPU usage went back to normal), it just seemed to hang on startup. The only thing I could do is power off the VM - same as I have to do when the C/S or Message Worker threads get stuck on the PO's.

I'm starting to get desperate, as it's been like this for weeks and this is the last week of the school holidays and I can't have continuous disruptions during term time. A SR with Novell wasn't very helpful on the GW side, they just said it was disk related and to get our Linux people to look at it!

Please, please is there any further suggestions you guru's can make (am I sucking up enough?)
Kind Regards