In 2.7, I can't seem to find a way for users to directly access drives connected via the new "login script parser" feature. Neither of the two ways I'd expect are working:

1) When I go to the plugin console, I can see the drives from the login script listed. I cannot open them from there. Double clicking the drive does nothing. I cannot open any of the other "Kanaka Identity Driven Access" shares either. I'm not sure if that is by design. If I were to use the Kanaka Client app instead of the plugin, I can double click the drive and open it.

2) I can get folders added to the dock via MCX for the shares mounted via "Kanaka Identity Driven Access" but not for the login parser. I don't see any option to do this for login script drives.

One way or another, we need to be able to open those drives. Maybe I'm missing something because this seems to make the new feature useless to plugin users.