Hi All,

I'm Using ZCM11.2 on Win2003x64 server with SQL2008 DB - recently updated from 10.3.4 with SQL 2005 DB.

We use the contracts tab of asset management to keep track of maintenance agreements and licence renewals etc. However the notifications element does not work.

It didn't work in version 10.3.4 nor this current version.

I have the mail server (GroupWise) configured in Configuration SMTP settings and the server is configured for relay (it works for other apps such as SQLmail etc).

I am just wondering if this is a bug or if I have missed something along the way. When I check Contract Management > Date Notifications, I can see sent is 0 and failures are populated where contract notifications have been set.

Zenserver.exe is a permitted process for our AV as it would blocking sending of mail. There anre no other reports in the AV software for mailing being blocked.

Is there a way of sending a test mail from the system to check or are there further configuration changes required by me?


Any Ideas?