This really isn't a gw2012 specific question, but figured I'd post it
here figuring there is more activity here than in the gw7 newsgroups.

We have a lot of depts that have a 'dept calendar' (separate GW
account) setup where they do their scheduling so everyone in the dept
can see who's where, etc. Makes for a PITA trying to schedule meetings
via busy search as most people don't put their appts, etc on their
personal calendar, just on the dept one.

Anyone know of a better way to handle this so busy searches work
properly? I don't think including the dept calendar into the busy
search will work as you cannot tell what user is busy on a particular
time that's 'busied out' on the dept calendar.

I'm not sure if calendar publishing will accomplish what we want
either. People like to have their calendars in Groupwise itself
instead of having a separate place to look for dept wide items & having
their own stuff in their calendar.

Is there any way to have GW 'synch' a calendar item posted to a user's
calendar to a department wide calendar? Not a shared calendar, but one
that a group of people have proxy access?