I know the answer to this already, but I have had to deal with it twice and find the answer both times. Thought I would post it out here so I can find it in the future if necessary.

Essentially, when trying to open a hyperlink within a GW email, my browser will open to the default page, and not take me to the specified URL. This gets very annoying.

SOLUTION: I am running openSuse, but this also applies to SLED, SLES, etc.

Under the INTERNET tab there is a web browser. While firefox is selected as my default browser, there are two firefox entries. One is called "firefox" and has the correct mozilla firefox icon next to it (selected). The other has a generic icon next to it and is called "Firefox". I selected the latter and now hyperlinks will open the browser and go to the specified URL correctly.

Hope others find this useful too.

I am using GW 8.0.1 on openSuse 11.4 with Firefox 13.0