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Thread: Database Error "no suitable driver found..." (WIS 10901)

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    Database Error "no suitable driver found..." (WIS 10901)


    have a ZCM 11.2.1 with Primarys (SLES 11 SP1) and external MS-SQL-Database (Win Server 2008 R2).
    Month ago, we aditionally setup a Reportingserver in ZCM 11.1 and all worked fine. Made the "ZENworks11SP2_ReportingSP4 patch" and it was OK too. Now, after a few weeks, i wanted to make a report again and get this error when a report is in process:

    No suitable driver found for jdbc:sqlserver://zcmdb:1433;DatabaseName=zenworks. (WIS 10901).
    In the meanwhile (between last successfully generated report and now, we updated Servers to 11.2 and 11.2.1).

    What can i do to troubleshoot this?
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