I'm having an incredibly strange occurrence on a single new system that we just built that we just can't seem to figure out why we're getting this behavior. We just built a Windows 7 Enterprise system from a custom image built in house, running GroupWise 802 HP2 on both client and server (we plan to upgrade when 2012 SP1 is released) and only this single machine out of 20 is experiencing the following symptoms:

When we go to Tools-Options-Environment-View and set the default compose view to anything, when we open a new message window the default HTML text is always Times New Roman. The font size changes with the font size changed in GroupWise, and I can change the editor, but no matter what I change the font to in a new message it always shows as Times New Roman. If I go back to the Default setting the setting does show whatever I had previously selected and not Times New Roman.

Now in digging around thinking that it might be a default system font setting, I found that if I opened IE9 and went Tools-Internet Options-General Tab-Fonts button, there I found that Webpage font was set for Times New Roman. I changed that one to what my user wanted, and all of a sudden in GroupWise when I created a new message the default font was set to what I changed it to.

Again, this is the only computer out of about 20 that is experiencing this issue. I haven't yet taken the time to go through the registry and see if GroupWise has an entry for font management, but I found it quite odd that the application wasn't honoring the font setting within itself and instead was honoring a font setting from a completely different application.

Thanks for any direction on this one.