we are facing problems with the replication of our Bundles to the satellite servers.

First a quick overview in our Network. We have more phisical Locations that we want to manage with the ZCM 11 (SP2). All Locations are connected with our zentral Server with a slow WAN (between 2Mbit and 6 Mbit), so we decided to create Satellite Servers at every Location we have.
Now I'm facing problems with the replication of my test Bundles on one Satellite Server at one of our Locations. The Problem ist, that at first the satellite server recognizes the bundles to be replicated (its listet under "Content Repository Details" in the Agent) but they are a long time listet as "unavailable" (which means is still copying to the local hd??). But when I create a new Bundle, it is not recognized by the Agent over a very long time! it takes about 2h for the new Bundle to be listet in the Agent. I dont know what the problem is that it takes sooo long? First I thought it might be the slow WAN, so I created a new Test Satellite in the local LAN, but it's the same problem.
I've configured the Satellite Server to check every 5 minutes, with a durration of 60 minutes. The Servers of the Agent are correct, they point to the central Server (ZCM).

Does anyone have an Idea what might be the problem? I've tested the connection from Main Server to Satellite Server, turned off the firewall, etc. everything seems fine.
The Satellite Server are on Windows 2008R2 Server and Windows 7 Ultimate. The Agent versions are The Main ZCM Server is Windows 2008R2 Server.

fyi: sorry for missing Informations, it's my first post!

Hope someone can help!

With best Regards,