Sorry for this rant, but I am beginning to get pissed at ZCM 11.XXX and group policies (among other thing).

Here is what often happens. I will be working along happy as a clam. I leave for the evening the do a restart of my workstation. The next morning I log in and BOOM, my user profile is all screwed up. I know the issue is with my user policy as folder redirection among other things is not functioning. So I go into ZCC and make some (read any arbitrary) change to the policy with will result in an increment to the version number. I then refresh the workstation which tells me to log out. Once I log back in everything is back to normal.

Now, during this issue, ZENworks is showing that all policies have been applied and the log shows NO ERRORS. WTF.

OK, end of rant. Sorry. Has anyone else seen this stupid behavior? I have to say that ZCM is starting to be come a liability rather than a tool.

Thanks, Chris.