I installed Kanaka 2.7 64 bit on a SLES 11 SP 1 machine that has OES11 64 bit. After the rpm installed itself, the manual said the config script should start. But it didn't. After I found the script in the engine directory, I started it by hand and entered the information as requested by the manual. The script also generated keys.

Now the engine won't start. If I look in the log, all goes well until the last line:
Engine completed determining its own DNS host name, Result = 10, bOK = 0, Name = "".

This line is the only one that has a bOK=0, the rest has a bOK=1.

How can I fix this? DNS on the SLES machine is working fine. I can ping other local servers and machines on the internet by name.
Error messages in the log are not mentioned in the manual.

Thanks for any help.