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Thread: Need help with installing groupwise server on Win srv 2008

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    Need help with installing groupwise server on Win srv 2008

    I am new to Groupwise and trying to explore the functionality in groupwise on Windows server 2008 SP2. Unfortunately, I can not successfully install groupwise.
    Here is how I install this program
    1. download gw12.0.0_full_win_multil
    2. run install.exe
    3. choose create a new system
    4. select all components
    5. HERE is my problem. when it comes to groupwise system creation, I don't know what to put in for IP address, username context and password. I put "localhost" as IP, "admin" as username, "novell\.com" as content but it shows "error 102: could not authenticate to the address specified, verify the username, context and password are valid."

    When I install the edirectory, I put the following information
    Tree name: TESTING
    Server object content: server1-2008-nds.novell\.com
    admin name: admin
    content: novell\.com
    password: ***

    Does anyone know the correct way to setup groupwise server on Windows server 2008 SP2?
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