I've been running GW2012 for about three months and I'm not 100% sure
what my issue is so I'm including a bunch of information in hopes that
someone can point me in the right direction.

Came in after weekend and noticed no inbound/outbound email. rcgrpwise
status showed gwia wasn't running. Reloaded gwia and checked GW
Monitor. I have 981 messages in the Delayed Message Queue.

Over the course of the last four hours, I've seen this count grow to
over 1080 and now back down to 941.

I checked the log files and a few entries that seem odd to me are:

Weirdness #1
15:51:43 F483 Queuing deferred message:
15:51:43 F483 MSG 5125106 Analyzing result file:
15:51:43 F483 MSG 5125106 Detected error on SMTP command
15:51:43 F483 MSG 5125106 Command: carroll.k12.in.us
15:51:43 F483 MSG 5125106 Response: 550 Host unknown
15:51:43 F483 Building undeliverable message
......> carroll.k12.in.us is my email system. That is the domain name
that I have plugged into the foreign ID field of the GWIA agent
properties in Console One.

Weirdness #2
When I look at the GWIA agent in ConsoleOne, database version is
showing up as 8 but I'm running 2012. I know we verified that all of
the agents were updated right after the upgrade. (My WebAccess is also
showing 8). I'm not sure how to resolve that issue.

Weirdness #3
When I look to the documentation for support, one item they advise to
look at is the resolv.cfg file. I knew where that file was located in
NetWare but I can't seem to locate the file on the Linux server.

Weirdness #4
I sent a message out about an hour ago and it is going to two different
domains. It has remained with the status of transfer delayed since I
sent it. However, I sent another email to my personal gmail account and
it went immediately. I just resent the email that is sitting in defered
and the second one went right away. Is there anyway to send the
deferred messages immediately?

Inbound email seems to be working fine. No issue with slowness that I
can ascertain.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
central Indiana USA