Zenworks 11.2, SLES 11.1 x64

We recently (about 2 weeks ago) updated to Zenworks 11.2, without any problems; all 6 satellite servers updates as well. There were no noticeable problems, every thing seemed to work, imaging, various policies, bundles... Agents that updated to 11.2 as well as those still on 11.1 weren't showing a difference in management. Sunday, Aug. 26, there was a power out for several hours and our UPS went down and our servers with it. The UPS isn't networked, so the servers just lost power. Since then, pxe/dhcp services on the primary Zen server were down; I restored the run levels and restarted the service. All other services seem to be running with the appropriate run levels. The problem is our remote control policies.

The policy we have set for teacher workstations is such that the user doesn't have to accept permission for anything (by rights only). Since Monday after the power outage, the remote control policies across the school district seem to have gradually reverted to the default remote control policy, but in action only. Some computers are correctly accessible but most aren't. Everything in ZCM says the desired policy is assigned and effective. The policy is assigned to both the workstation and the user. From the workstation, the agent properties indicate the policy is in effect. Is the double assignment the problem? I'm going to "update" the policy and publish a new version to see if that'll fix things. What next?