Current setup is ZCM10 on a windows server (LAW_ZONE).. with 10.3.4 agents on the workstations (Xp for most part). because of the database choices and OS, I had to install ZCM11 fresh on a new server (BP_ZONE). Had the system up and running, as a test, unregistered one of the workstations from the LAW zone and re-registered it under the BP zone. Some of my test bundles weren't working right (Action requirements), so I tried to update the agent to the zcm11 one and I just keep getting "Agent already installed" errors. If I go to the System Updates page on ZCM11, I don't get the option to deploy an update because 11sp2 is already baselined.

How do I get the workstations on the 11 agent without having to go through the extremely painful uninstall/reinstall process? I'm really trying to prevent the need to have the bundles all reinstall..