Ok here's the deal. Ive been fighting this for a week now and no luck. Im almost sure its just plain broke. We are using ZCM 11.0. Windows 7 image. I have created a windows group policy (local) to remove the shutdown option, switch user, etc options from the start menu. All the user is supposed to have is logoff. (found that a change we just made is having an opposite effect, people shutting down machines instead of logging out) Have made the policy on a newly imaged machine (32 bit enterprise). Everything works the way it is supposed to during the creation. I apply it with both computer and user configuration as it is both machine and user preferences. Push it to 2 test machines (the one I created it on and another), shows up in the agent as successful and also in the Zenworks control panel. Problem is the policy does not get enforced. This is the only policy other than a remote management policy which shouldnt have any bearing on this local policy. Ive tried everything multiple time and have not a clue why its not working, everything says it should. Do I need to make a custom template? Do templates even work in 7? I about done with the issue. Anyone have an answer?