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Thread: Zen Login window when off Network

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    Zen Login window when off Network

    Hey All,
    Moving to new windows 7 laptops with zen11. In this case, WIN7 Pro and Zen11SP2. Trying to streamline the login process for users, especially when laptop users take machines off network (home). One thing I know we're gonna get calls about is how after the user chooses workstation only login (or the client flows thru to that point), the zen login pops up and makes you cancel before you can get into the desktop.
    I found a TID or in the docs somewhere where there is a 'respect Novell client workstation only login' or something to that extent, but we're still seeing that login pop up when off network. I've also done some location configuration, and the client is picking up that it is in an 'unmanaged' network location and has no servers to talk to.
    Does anyone have some guidance on making that off network login less painful and annoying for users?
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