Since perhaps zcm 11.0, uninstalling the agent causes many problems when we reboot. We are forced to use a "agent cleanup" tool to finish the uninstall job. I don't understand why basically uninstalling the zcm agent can't suppress all the components that stay on registry.

So, we have the new zcm agent 11.2.1, and I uninstalled the client because I'm getting a "certificate" error. I use the Agent cleanup 11.2, but after reboot and reinstall of the agent, I can't use the login zenworks (certificate error).

My point is: how can I completely remove the zcm 11.2.1 from a workstation. Doesn't seems to have agent cleanup 11.2.1, don't find it on novell.

Do Novell will correct the way we uninstall the ZCM agent? right now, it's a pain....

thank you !