I have 1 domain and 1 po. Up until now this has worked quite well, but we have an problem and I would like opinions on how to solve it.

We have employees in this system that work for mulitple closely held companies. The domain names are all valid within the single GW domain. i.e. a.com b.com c.com. Mail to jack@a.com, Jack@b.com Jack@c.com all go to Jack in the only PO.

Now, i have to have mail for jack go to 3 different people of the same address but in a different domain. i.e. jack@a.com goes to jack@a.com, jack@b.com goes to jack@b.com and jack@c.com goes to jack@c.com. It can no longer be delivered to just the jack in the po.

I'm not even sure I can create 3 different "Jack"s in the system even though they belong to different domainnames. (But the same GW domain.)

Any ideas?