Ok this is a weird one,
we are a k-12 institution and use ZFD 7 for DLU on the computers.. Students get "user" rights, teachers get administrator rights (so far no issues with that).. Using ZFD 7 for DLU the students have no issues with the computers.. we are migrating a few hundred laptops over to ZCM 11.2.1..When I use ZCM 11.2.1 for DLU, students are still created as a "user" on the computer..However launching applications from the computer takes a extra-ordinary amount of time. If I change the student account to be a "power user", the applications launch immediately (100 times faster). I would have assumed that the creation of a user account was a responsibilty of the OS (ie windows XP) and not ZCM, but now Im thinking something is different.. Can someone point me in a direction to look ??.. almost has to be some type of file/folder rights or environment variable not getting set when using ZCM 11 ?? I can make students power users, but probably not a great idea. Obviously the teachers being created as admins, have no issues at all with the applications.. one example of a slow application is MS Office 2007, another is BlueJ (used in the computer programming classes)...
Any help would be definitely appreciated