I was in the report feature today and was trying to add the system board type in with my reports. I can't seem to find this feature for the life of me. Results I am trying to find are a return of these type of board information. Dell Inc. 0D6H9T or Dell Inc. 03NV6. These Results are generated by going into a machine's inventory and looking under the system board field.

What I have tried and results:
1. Reports - Inventory Custom report - Acme Report
- New - Devices
Result: Cant choose System Board

2. Reports - Inventory Custom report - Acme Report
- New - Hardware Components - System Board
Result: Get too indepth of information and nowhere does it return the result I am trying to find

3. Reports - Inventory Standard Report - Hardware Components
- Hardware Components by Category - System Board
Result: Returns the right results but its summed rather than individual

I know I can create a workaround with a MS Office solution in combining the query results but is there a way to generate the system board info with the machines info in a custom report?