Basically we are redoing the whole site and wish to start from scratch
without any left over items from the old system.

It should be possible to bring the groupwise data from a system into
another new system. Does it have to have the same tree,server,context?

The thought process is to
a)build a new server
b)install gw2012 on it.
c)backup the gw directory from the old system
d)restore the gw directory to the new system in a temporary location
e)copy/graft the gw data into the new system

Step e) is where we are trying to figure out the actual steps. If anyone
has done this or can point us in the right direction would be appreciated.

This is what we have.

Netware 6.5
GW 6.5
1 Tree
1 old server starting to have issues.

This is what we want to do

New Server
New Tree
New Groupwise 2012

Import GW6.5 Data into the new groupwise system.

Do we need to use the same fid on the new edir accounts?


J Smith