Hi all,

we are running ZCM 11.2.1 with Patch Management, oracle 11g backend database, both are on windows 2008 R2 SP1 x64 servers

I have one workstation (possibly more, but I've seen it on this one device so am trying to troubleshoot it) that has no patches listed under ZCC > devices > workstations > workstation name > Patches tab

I have tried:

1) rebooting (server and workstation)
2) running 'zac ps' on the workstation - this reports "The patch scan has completed and reported results to the server."
3) assigning the "Discover applicable Updates Windows-x86_64-en-WIN7 SP1" to myself and verifying that bundle
4) deleting the files (not folders) in %zenworks_home%\zpm and running the bundle above (in #3)
For both #3 and #4 the bundle runs successfully

How can we check what is happening on the server side? Is there a job that runs on the server to process the information that the workstation has sent, and can that be run manually?

Thanks for your help